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Most people rely on income that requires their time input to make it work.

And I’m going to lump you in with them (for now)..


But don’t worry..

I was there too.

We all fall for the “rat race”..

You hear how someone is sippin’ margaritas on the beach while making money in their sleep..

And – of course – you want the same.

Don’t get me wrong though..

Actively working to make money can be fulfilling..

Or let me re-phrase..

It used to be really fulfilling.

But there is a massive shift on its way.

Going to a specific location to clock in or being attentive to clients requires lots of work and more importantly: your time.

There is a cap in your income because of how much time you can physically dedicate to your work.

These strategies will not help you become financially independent because your money is not set up to work for you.

“But Luis, why change something that has financially supported me for so long?”

Well, Einstein said it best..

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

You wanna know what’s insane?

It’s being dependent on the hustle. Being a slave to the money.

The reality is..

Sooner or later, you will burn out..

Like everyone does..

It hit me at a time when I thought I was loving every minute of it.

..I did love it, but I was working tirelessly to make money..

Super confused because that’s what everyone told me to do if I wanted to scale my income..

“You just need to get new clients!”

“You just have to dial in your systems and processes!”

“You’re just one funnel away…”

These people were making SO. MUCH. MONEY.

No wonder it was easy to conclude that I could make more by working more.

Then I spoke to this guy in his 20s who was approaching $100 million..

Not it total sales or earnings.

$100 million to his name.. Making well over 6-figures a month.

He’s had and has ZERO clients.

I had to learn what he was doing..

He explained how he invested in passive income assets that were compounding returns over time, on autopilot.

If anything happened to the economy, nothing would change..

His income would stay put in all economic seasons.

I realized the insanity.. and changed the way I was playing the game.

Instead of building a business that revolves around staying relevant as an influencer.. and feeling like you’re drowning in content.

Instead of signing more clients.. and consistently worrying about it.

Instead of having to come up with one-time-offers.. again and again.

Instead of monthly product launches.. and not building a sustainable business..

I tried something else.

It’s something that is heavily based on leveraging the compound effect.

Something so deeply rooted in principles that have stood the test of time like..