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Anyway, so how did my journey to passive income start?

During my time in college all I knew was how to take tests, how to dance (like really well), and how to find out when & where they were giving out free food on campus.

The struggle was real back then.

Now I know that going to school for engineering and graduating with a bachelor’s doesn’t make much sense when you look at my current career path.

But what school did give me was TIME.

Time to learn and experiment with entrepreneurship and marketing.

Time to attend YouTube university and ask the almighty Google any questions I had.

As I wrapped up my college career, the dream would soon become a reality.

During the week of graduation, this happened:

This resulted in over $12k in sales, PayPal transactions not pictured, from a digital product
(that didn’t even exist when sold – I’ll expand more on that later)!

And thank the lord it did cause I had no job lined up and the only internship I was a part of (and ever had) was giving me a nice monthly check of $0.00.

I literally gambled my life away during the last semester of college..

Guess what I decided to do next?

Copy those influencers we see on social media and travel the world! #DigitalNomad #LaptopLifestyle

Geez, I was so horrible with my finances and money mindset back then.

My first destination straight out of college was the Bahamas.

Like my dance moves? 

While living on an island for a month, I kept learning, studying, creating and still earning.

I remember I would constantly be thinking to myself..

“Woah, is this my real life right now?”

Complete shift from having my bank account constantly in overdraft to now being able to earn my own independent income from anywhere in the world.

I continued traveling.

Exploring different corners of the world in which I’d only ever get to see in pictures.

And of course I’d share all these highlights on social media,

But there were many other things that didn’t make it online.

I started to see how people at the “top” would start to burn out because of work.

Yes, we’re out here getting to travel the world, but..

This is NOT how I pictured my dream lifestyle to be.

I knew there was more to this.

I knew that passive income wasn’t a myth..

Yet I was stuck.

I was stuck with a very high paying job.

Had to constantly be on the clock for my business to run and the many people I had committed to serve.

My ultimate aim transformed..

I started hacking away at the code of what it takes to build an automated passive income-driven online business.

A business where I could express the true entrepreneur in me.

A business that would still run without me in the entire equation..

And then have my money growing and working for me through automated investments.

Because at the moment, I knew how to make money online.

BUT this was all just active income (some semi-passive) and that’s not scalable at all.

I needed to learn how to manage my money so I could create true passive income.

Location freedom? Check!

Time freedom? Sorta..

Gurus consistently sell you the dream that you’re gonna get your time back and have all this money to do what you want.. But how many actually know how to truly build passive streams of income from scratch?

Most people aren’t even aware of what income types you can create.

Nevertheless learn how to jump from one type of income to the next, from where they are at the moment.

Screenshot of a lesson inside of my Financial Independence Blueprint.

Knowing these five different income types exist will accelerate your growth in the direction you ultimately desire:

Mobility & Space

Non-mobile: Income that can only be generated in a specific geographic location aka offline

Mobile: Income that can be generated regardless of your geographic location aka online

Passivity & Time

Active: Income that is directly linked to your time input. Anything that pays an hourly rate is active income.

Semi-passive: Income that requires less than 7 hours per week and is scalable independently of time input.

Passive: Income that requires no time input (and therefore no space).

The harsh truth is that most of society will only ever know how build non-mobile, active income then call it a day.

The goal is to become spaceless & timeless.

If you’re reading this, you have the tools to do this.

Shoutout to the internet.

Getting A Taste of Semi-Passive Income

My parents came to visit me in my college apartment and brought along not so good news.

My mom, dad, sister (who was also going to college and living in a mattress right under my bed at the time) and I, all sat together at the table to try and figure it out..

“How are we gonna pay for next month’s rent? Where are we gonna get the money from?”

It was the first time in my five years of college that we had to figure it out as a family.

My parents’ salaries, the jobs my sister and I had, students loans or financial aid usually did the trick.

But not this time..

It brought back really dark memories of when we first moved to the United States from my hometown Lima, Peru.

So, that day at the table I made a promise.

I told my mom that this time next month we would be okay.

A fire lit up inside of me like nothing I’ve felt before..

And I was confident that things WOULD change next month.

But in all honesty I didn’t know exactly how cause it’s not like I had done it before.

My mom just nodded but I could tell she didn’t take me seriously – it was a really stressful time.

Next day I got to work.

I started sharing on Facebook what I had been learning.

I didn’t even fully understand the concept of delivering “value”.

Then a couple of weeks went by since I started to share online and I had finished building something that, at the time, didn’t know would be so crucial to my journey.

A freaking funnel!

As a total newbie, I had created a total of 3 landing pages..

An optin page (cause I noticed everyone had that but was clueless as to what I should do with the email collect)

A one-time offer (hoping someone would buy what I had put together)

And a thank you page (just to say thanks for stopping by)

I made a Facebook post asking who would want this freebie and people (COMPLETE STRANGERS) started to engage with my post.


I received my first Stripe notification.

[email protected]#$%

People were paying me for organized information.

Like what?!

That day I realized that I had become an active participant in the Information Age.

And those who can deliver information through an efficient automated system are the WINNERS of this economy.

I wrapped up the month with my first taste of semi-passive income generated from an online sales funnel. It was mind boggling.

Like many times before.. The golden question popped up: “Who do I need to pay to teach me what I need to learn in the most efficient and effective way possible?”

I was obviously further along the path than most, but I lacked clarity in my pursuit of the holy passive income.

Like, where do I take things from here?

I know I have value to share with others that would empower their lives.. But HOW do I convert that to passive income?! What’s the process?

I finally found my answer, buuuuut it’s not what you’d expect..

It wasn’t some sort of course, or getting in touch with a sought out expert in business or marketing automation. None of that.

My answer was found within..

You must be like, “Wait what?!”

Lol, let me explain!

Looking back, it was unclear what I wanted in business, although I had started up and experienced various business models (also having achieved financial independence).

I learned that our life’s purpose is reflected in our business one way or another.

We need to figure that out, then fulfill and express it freely.

After consulting with mentors and going through a life-changing process, it *clicked*

I was asking the wrong questions.. How? I already knew how!

I found answers and ideas that fined tuned the direction I’m headed in (not just in business), so I did it..

I didn’t wait to get another business off the ground before making this final decision.

When I had to create new products in order for my business to grow, I shut it down.

When I had to drop new content every single day to stay relevant, I shut it down.

When I realized that I (along with many other influencers online) had to actively pitch, launch products, and create entirely new campaigns/material to make sales, I left.

I dropped what I had been building and followed my purpose.

Because in 2019 we can BUILD. AUTOMATE and MONETIZE absolutely anything we’re interested in by following proven frameworks that yield passive income streams.

I started planning and executing ASAP!

Life is too short.

Those streams of income you wish you had working for you?

That may take a few more years of you listening to the ‘gurus’ who promise you financial and time freedom.

All fluff. Just stop it!

If you wait till the day this reality hits you, you’re reacting to life.

If you go and create your own reality, then you’re acting on life.

The right time to ask yourself if what you’re building aligns with your purpose and can empower you financially, is always NOW.

I now help people buy themselves more time into the future until they’ve reached financial independence by building passive income-driven online businesses.

Empowering their life and the life of others by creating work that matters.

There’s so much more to my story, but I’ll save that for another time.

-Luis Alvarado